Reconstructing the burial

The main way I carry out research and process my thoughts is through visualisation. Writing, whilst useful, never seems to do justice to the way I think. Instead, over the years, I have found myself more and more often at my graphics tablet until the wee hours creating images which explain my thoughts better than any words ever could. A few months ago I spent a very enjoyable number of evenings working on this recreation of the burial. I wanted to create something which would demonstrate the numerous potential interpretations of what this individual looked like – including hair and skin tone – and what they would have been wearing (if anything at all). Archaeologists interpret, but we struggle to find ways of successfully presenting multiple interpretations. I genuinely believe that we could benefit from a more diverse and experimental approach to visual communication, but that’s an other topic for another day.

Here I present, multiple interpretations of the layout and appearance of individual from the Bronze Age beaker burial at Achavanich.

Multiple interpretations of hair colour, skin tone and clothing (copyright Maya Hoole)

Lastly, a big thank you to my (then) flatmate who kindly modeled for this piece. You’re a star.

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