‘Ruined’ – A short animation

‘Ruined’ – a short animation exploring the life and death of a Bronze Age roundhouse (c) M Hoole

I wanted to create something that explored both the every day of Bronze Age life and looked at the evolution of a Bronze Age roundhouse and it’s collapse into an archaeological site / a ruin. In this short animation we watch as a man arrives at a site and decides to set up home. He builds a round house and then goes on to live his day-to-day life. As he does so we can see what will become the archaeological deposits: holes dug to hold the posts which make the main structure of the house, a stone hearth, a scatter of stone from flint knapping, discarded animal bones and hand made pottery. Sadly, the man dies in his sleep, and the house around him begins to collapse until all is enveloped by greenery and nothing but a grass mound survives…

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