Interviews and lectures

Over the last few months I’ve given a couple of interviews and lectures which have been recorded and edited into YouTube videos (thanks to Santi, Doug and Marc). You can watch them here if you want a more thorough overview of the project!

This one was given in February 2017 and is the longest and most up-to-date lecture. It is a part of the Historic Environment Scotland ‘Age of’ lecture series where members of staff were invited to share their specialist knowledge. I spoke about the project for the ‘Age of Bronze’. (Thanks to Santi for all his hardwork and magic editing this!) – Run time 46 minutes.


In October 2016 I was very kindly invited to speak at the Archaeology Scotland AGM in Dunfermline. This is a slightly shorter lecture, and doesn’t include the pollen results. (Thanks to Doug for his work editing this one) – Run time 21 minutes.


And lastly, in August 2016, I was interviewed by ArchaeoSoup Productions, for a chat about the facial reconstruction. (Thanks to Marc for his work pulling all this together) – Run time 17 minutes.

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