The Beaker

The Beaker was discovered in an almost complete state, with only a small section of the lower pot showing any damage on discovery, and with slight cracking on one side.

Approximately 16.5 cm in height, the Beaker has multiple distinct bands of decoration on the exterior made with comb impressions. The design includes horizontal lines, herringbone, triangular and criss-cross impressions. It fits within Clarke’s N/NR (Northern/North Rhine) category, as well as Needham’s ‘S-profile’, and Wilkin’s Basic ‘S-Profile’ categories.


AchavanichBeaker016 FINAL
Illustration by Marion O’Neil, August 2017 – kindly funded by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Although likely that it contained food or liquids when placed in the burial, no definitive evidence survives to indicate what this may have been.

Photograph with scale (Copyright M Hoole)