Facial reconstruction

If you are interested in a step-by-step guide on how the facial reconstruction process was carried out by Hew Morrison, forensic artist, why not have a read of our blog on this very topic? Alternatively, why not read Hew’s report on the process and consult pages 93-94 of our open access published article?

Throughout this project Hew has created two equally beautiful, remarkable facial reconstructions. The first, created in 2016, depicted Ava with skin, eye and hair colouring based on the modern day population of Caithness. At this time we had no idea that we would ever be able to get information that would provide a more accurate depiction. However, in 2017, work on Ava’s in ancient DNA by Inigo Olalde from the Reich Laboratory at Harvard Medical School revealed that Ava actually had very different colouring, most likely with black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin (similar to populations living in current Mediterranean, Southern European countries).

Ava, before and after the results of the aDNA (Copyright: Hew Morrison)