December 2018 publicity

BBC News online, by Steven McKenzie, 03/12/2018 (multiple emails – primary contact):
“Giving life to a woman found in a 4,250-year-old grave in Caithness”

The British History Podcast, by Zee and Jamie Jeffers, recorded 02/12/2018 (lots of contact): “The Achavanich Beaker Burial Project: Ancient DNA with Maya Hoole”

The Scotsman, by Shan Ross, 03/12/2018 (phone interview):
Remains of young Bronze Age woman found in Scotland’s north

The Independent, by Harry Cockburn, 04/12/2018 (phone interview):
Bronze-age skeleton found in Scotland was early lactose-intolerant immigrant, DNA analysis shows

CNN, by Jack Guy, 04/12/2018 (phone interview):
Bronze Age woman in Scotland was an early immigrant, DNA analysis reveals

Press and Journal, by Chris MacLennan 04/12/2018 (phone interview):
“New facial recreation of 4,250-year-old Caithness woman”

The I, by Karin Goodwin, 03/12/2018 (phone interview):
“Researchers uncover new details about 4,000-year-old first migrant to Scotland”

The Times, by Tom Whipple, 03/12/2018 (phone interview & email contact):
“DNA tells all about Ava, 4,000 years later”

History Scotland Magazine Online, by Rachel Bellerby, 07/12/2018
“New research reveals early Scottish migrant had brown eyes and black hair”


Smithsonian, by Jason Daley, 04/12/2018 (had no contact):
No, Wait, This Is the Real Ava, a Bronze Age Woman From the Scottish Highlands

IFLScience! by Rosie McCall, 04/12/2018 (email contact):
“Forensic Artist Uses Genetic Data To Bring A Bronze Aged Woman Back To Life”

Mail Online, by Phoebe Weston 03/12/2018 (had little email contact):
“Meet ‘Ava’ the dark haired, dark skinned second-generation immigrant from 4,250 years ago: DNA reveals family secrets of 18-year-old girl who died in Scotland”

Archaeology Magazine, unknown, 03/12/2018 (had email):
“Fresh DNA Analysis Revises Bronze Age Woman’s Appearance”

BBC Highlands & Islands Radio, Andrew Thomson, 03/12/2018 (phone interview):
0730 Highland Bulletin 03.12.2018 [2.54-4.00]

The Sun, by Paul Rodger, 03/12/2018 (had phone interview):
“Bronze Age Ava milk woe” [in press only]

Descopera (No1 for Popular Science, Romania), Oana Bujor, 05/12/2018 (no contact):
Secretul unei tinere ce a murit în urmă cu peste 4.000 de ani, dezvăluit cu ajutorul analizei ADN-ului. Cum arăta de fapt femeia – FOTO” [The secret of a young woman who died more than 4,000 years ago, revealed by DNA analysis. How the woman actually looked – PHOTO]

Arkeofili (current news from Turkey and the world of archeology, interviews, files, popular archaeological site offering lists), by Erman Ertugrul, 5/12/2018 (no contact):
İskoçya’da Bulunan 4250 Yıllık Kadının Yüzü Canlandırıldı” [The face of the 4250 year old woman in Scotland]

CNN Chile, unknown, 4/12/2018 (no contact):
Reconstruyen rostro de mujer de hace más de 4.200 años” [Reconstruct the face of a woman over 4,200 years ago]

La Brujula Verde (Spanish online Magazine for History, Archeology, Art, Science, Geography, and much more) 03/12/2018 (no contact):
“Reconstruyen el rostro de Ava, una mujer encontrada en una tumba de comienzos de la Edad del Bronce en Escocia” (Reconstruct the face of Ava, a woman found in an early Bronze Age tomb in Scotland)

La Cuarta (Chilean daily tabloid), unknown, 5/12/2018 (no contact):
La sorprendente reconstrucción del rostro de una mujer que vivió hace 4.250 años” [The amazing reconstruction of the face of a woman who lived 4,250 years ago].

CNN Greece, unknown, 4/12/2018 (no contact):
Ανατροπή δεδομένων: Προϊστορικός σκελετός γυναίκας στη Σκωτία προέρχεται από μετανάστρια” [Data overthrow: Prehistoric woman skeleton in Scotland comes from a migrant], (Indonesian Science News site), Dinar Surya Oktarini & Rezza Dwi Rachmanta, 4/12/2018 (no contact):
Berumur 4250 Tahun, Ini Rekonstruksi Wajah Wanita Zaman Perunggu” [4250 Years Old, This Is Reconstruction of Bronze Age Women’s Faces]

canal 13 San Juan (Primary News channel of San Juan), unknown, 04/12/2018:
Reconstruyen la cara de una mujer que murió hace 4.250 años y descubren su sorprendente origen” [Reconstruct the face of a woman who died 4,250 years ago and discover its surprising origin]

Rzeczpospolita (Polish Conservative-Liberal Newspaper), unknown, 04/12/2018:
“Młoda kobieta zmarła w Szkocji 4 tys. lat temu była imigrantką” [A young woman died in Scotland, 4,000 years ago she was an immigrant]

RT (Spanish TV Network), unknown, 4/12/2018:
FOTO: Reconstruyen la cara de una mujer que murió hace 4.250 años y descubren su sorprendente origen” [PHOTO: Reconstruct the face of a woman who died 4,250 years ago and discover its surprising origin]
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