Directions: If travelling north along the A9 from Latheron towards Thurso, the site is located on the eastern side of the A9 road, approximately 710m (0.7 km) beyond the turn off to the Achavanich stone setting to the north. Almost immediately after the turn off to the stone setting, you will pass a house on your left hand side. Here the road straightens out for approximately 325m before gradually curving to the left. Whilst on the straight section you will see directly in front of you that there is a small hummock at the side of the road which shows signs of quarrying. The Achavanich Beaker Burial was discovered in the area of quarrying.

The burial was discovered 1.83 km (1.14 miles) – as the crow flies – from the Achavanich stone setting.

Located at NGR: ND 17836 43335

Achavanich location in Highland council area (Copyright M Hoole)
Achavanich on a regional scale, near Wick (Copyright M Hoole)
Achavanich on a local scale (Copyright M Hoole)
The immediate vicinity of the burial. The hatching area shows where quarrying took place. The red box indicates the rough area in which the burial was discovered. The thick black line is the A9 road. (Copyright M Hoole)