Radiocarbon Dates

We have three radiocarbon dates from Ava’s burial. Two from the human bones, and a third from the cattle scapula. Work has been undertaken by Derek Hamilton of SUERC to determine a combined date for Ava, using these three samples.

Three results from radiocarbon dating sample (copyright Derek Hamilton – SUERC)

The results have shown that at 68% probability, Ava dates to 2290-2200 cal BC, or at 95% probability 2300-2145 cal BC. This places Ava in the Scottish Chalcolithic, or the Early Bronze Age, as one of the earlier (but not earliest) examples of Beaker people in Scotland.

Combined date for Ava (copyright Derek Hamilton – SUERC)

If you’re interested in exploring this topic further – why not consult page 106 of our open access, peer reviewed article which is available online for everyone to read.