The British History Podcast part II: The Beaker People with Dr. Alison Sheridan


A couple of weeks after I spoke with Zee and Jamie over at the British History Podcast about the new research we have undertaken throughout the project, they got the chance to interview Dr Alison Sheridan, the Principal Curator of Early Prehistory in the Scottish History and Archaeology department at National Museums Scotland, as a part 2 of the Achavanich podcast series.


Alison’s knowledge and expertise are vast, but she specialises in the Neolithic and Bronze Age of Britain and Ireland and has been involved in numerous beaker related projects over the years. Throughout the project she has been a guiding presence, helping to put me in touch with countless researchers, aiding in funding applications, helping with the analysis of the beaker pottery, and generally providing a wealth of knowledge and ideas. This project would never have been as diverse or successful without her support, and for that we all owe her a debt of gratitude. It’s a genuine honour that Alison has been involved in the project. She’s a fiercely passionate, immensely knowledgeable and infectiously inspiring individual, and it was this energy that first ignited my love of the Scottish Bronze Age and the beaker period many years ago.


The podcast is a unforgettable 34 minutes and 42 seconds, where Alison takes us on a mind blowing, fast paced, energetic journey which ties Ava’s burial site into the wider Beaker phenomenon across Scotland, Britain and even Europe. I implore all of you to have a listen to this magical 34 minute whirlwind interview. You won’t regret it!

For more on Alison’s work, see her full list of publications.

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